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Misunderstood (Silent) World

Looking around me I have realized that this world needs to be educated about Deaf culture, I have experienced different situations that have led me to see the ignorance of many people, although they are not entirely guilty, it is never too late to learn.

One of my thoughts leads me to my childhood, when I started losing my hearing. When I started entering a different world, the world of silence.

Like all hearing parents, who try to find ways to "fix" their children, I went through different stages to treat my "disease" including the option of an operation for a cochlear implant (the nightmare of many Deaf).

Even prayers for "healing" were used (yes, I firmly believe in prayers, in miracles and in an almighty God) but in the end, who created me? God.

And the Lord said to him: Who made man's mouth? Or who makes him mute or deaf man, with sight or blind? Am not I the LORD?

(Exodus 4:11).

For a long time I thought something was wrong with me, that I was sick, that needed to

be fixed, until I understood that I am perfectly fine and I started to accept me as I am.

I'm more than grateful to be who I am, because my deafness opened me the doors to a wonderful world that has shaped me as who I am and has allowed me to meet great people, be an example for others and glorify God for my success (the vile and despised God uses to shame the wise).

To conclude and I think I speak for all Deaf, we're not sick, we do not need to be healed or repaired, we need to be ACCEPTED and UNDERSTOOD and have better accessibility.

P.S .: My goal is not to blame but to make people aware of the need for Deaf culture education.

To my mother I appreciate everything you've done for me, without you today I would not be where I am. I love you!


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