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¿When I got lost?

I asked myself "when I got lost? Was it consciously? Was it an act of denial? When and how? Why?"

Have you ever felt like this, lost? Have you seen yourself laughing on Social Media while suffering? or while you are you stunned?

That's how I felt.

So, I stopped, I talked to God (I can't run away from Him), I told him how fragile I felt, how helpless and lost I was. I was vulnerable and couldn't afford to fall into the wrong arms again.

I looked at myself this time, I looked inside and outside, I talked to myself, I hugged myself and finally I decided to forgive myself. I noticed that I had gone through life asking others for forgiveness, trying to repair them while I forgot about myself. So, I looked at myself and spoke to myself.

I forgave myself for not investing enough time in me.

For having put myself in second place.

For having broken myself so that others are completed.

For not being tender enough with me.

For not accepting me as I am.

For not taking care of my health.

For not having spoken in time.

I look at me and decided to love me.


November 2022

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